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Tasmania - Top 21 Hot Spots

Full of things to see and do, Tasmania offers many delights.


Hobart and the Derwent

There is no other capital city in Australia like Hobart.


Freycinet And The East Coast

Tasmania's East Coast is a coast of contrast - sunshine and sea life, wine and wildlife, crags and beaches, history and adventure.


Northern Highlands And The Great Lakes

The central plateau of Tasmania is noted for its breathtaking scenery and trout-filled lakes. Located 1050 metres above sea level, the Great Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Australia.


Launceston And The North East

The north-east of Tasmania is the sunniest corner of the State. The landscape includes beaches, waterfalls and miles of scenic coastline with great fishing opportunities.


Trekking In Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the best states to visit if you are looking for beautiful walking trails.