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Whether you already own a property, are a realtor or broker, or just own a property you feel would make a perfect bed and breakfast or guesthouse, OzShortStay™ can market your property to hundreds of potential purchasers dailyWe target purchasers locally, interstate and overseas. 

Sellers: Properties For Sale helps Short Stay accommodation owners, homeowners, and realtors promote their properties to thousands of potential buyers without the obligation to pay high commissions.

List your property today!  Each Property or potential B&B can be fully described for a one-time setup fee of only $125.00!!! 

Our comprehensive Properties For Sale listings include:

  • One photograph

  • Detailed description of the property

  • Detailed description of the business and terms of sale

  • The Selling Price

  • A link to your own web site

  • An email link

  • All contact information

  • A link to your regular profile (OzShortStay members-only)

  • No commissions!

  • It's quick, it's easy, and it's amazing value.

    To sign up today, please click here. (A one-time setup fee of $125.00 is applicable)

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